An Angel In Rose

About the Artist

I have been working in the field of art publication since high school when I submitted illustrations for the annual literary magazine. The following year, I became an artist for the school's newspaper, and later took on the role of Art Editor. After that, I was hooked on publishing.

I went on to community college and worked on the paper there, again becoming art editor. This time my work included editorial cartooning and creating my own comic strip.

At the same time, I studied Fine Art, learning techniques in drawing, painting, and printmaking. I still have a fondness for chalk pastels.

My art has had such recent distinctions as winning Eighth place in ArenaNet's Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest. Also, one piece was included in Epilogue's New Masters of Fantasy Digital Collection, Volume II, and won Best Featured Artwork at IGN's Neverwinter Vault in 2004. I have also won awards for fine arts and journalistic arts in the past.

I am also an avid gamer and enjoy roleplaying games, both online and pen and paper. Many of the characters on this site are of my heroes from a variety of games. I have also been known to play a first person shooter or two.

I have a very supportive husband, with whom I work on various creative projects, including art for Science. He is also responsible for many of the original character ideas found on this site.